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Advanced Tableau Development


This course is an advanced program for Tableau developers, intended to teach and exercise commonly used high-level functionality and features. The course is based upon years of experience in real business situations and covers a multitude of scenarios encountered while modeling data, creating advanced visualizations, and designing dashboards and interactivity.

 At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create advanced data sources based on relationships, and manipulate your data to support powerful analytics.
  • Use Tableau calculations of all types in order to convert data into information.
  • Design and implement effective visualizations and interactions within Tableau dashboards.
  • Improve your project’s responsiveness and performance.

Developers and analysts with significant experience using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Web Edit to create reports and dashboards, who would like to enhance their skills.

This is an advanced-level class. Students should have at least one year of experience with Tableau development.

  • Introduction
  • Data Sources
    • When (and how) to use relationships and not joins
    • Common pitfalls and mistakes
    • The problem – and opportunity – with dates
    • Blending is still useful
  • Advanced Calculations
    • Date functions
      • Using parameters
      • Gantt charts
    • Table calculations
      • The many uses of…
      • How to create a Trellis chart
    • Level of Detail
      • Cohors analysis of various types
      • Nested LOD
    • Advanced charts
      • The Axis
        • Using dual axes
        • The dummy axis
        • Reference lines and their uses
        • Jittering
      • Special chart types
        • Donut
        • Waterfall
        • Radial
        • Calendar
        • Whatever you want…
      • Maps
        • Multiple layers
        • Mapping routes
        • Distance functions
        • Custom background maps
        • The dummy map
      • Dashboards
        • Design
          • Using containers
          • Advanced formatting
          • The show/hide button
          • Device layouts
        • Interactivity
          • Combining actions
          • Worksheet switching
          • Creating tabs
        • Performance
          • Monitoring and analyzing
          • Improving load times
        • Mini tips
          • Custom formatting
            • Shapes
            • Color pallettes
            • Field formats
          • Using separate legends
          • The INDEX function
          • Manipulating totals
          • Table coloring
          • and more…
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