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Front End Web Development with HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript


The World-Wide-Web is changing rapidly and becoming more mature than ever. Whether you will be creating Single Page Web ApplicationsDesktop applicationsMobile responsive sites or even Mobile native apps, the most essential building blocks to create any kind of modern user interface are HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. These are exciting times to get into web development and this course will bring you up to speed with creating web based user interfaces while using the most up-to-date workflows, standards, trends and tools used in the industry today.

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The need for cutting edge front-end developers is rapidly increasing and this course will give you a strong foundation for building modern applications user interfaces.

By the end of this course you will be able to create fully interactive User Interfaces which can be applied to web applications, desktop or mobile apps.

Why should you learn Front End Web Development:

  • HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript bring a substantial upgrade to modern web development
  • Web applications are much smarter and can be built much quicker than ever before
  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world
  • Tools and workflows taught in this course are used by top front-end developers and would make your workflow dramatically more effective
  • Developer communities are very active and responsive in support and code contribution
  • UI built in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript can run on multiple platforms like desktops, browsers, mobile, smart TV’s, IOT
  • The demand for great front-end developers grew x7 times in the last 4 years

This course is aiming Designers wanting to bring their designs to life and make a step towards creating a fully interactive User Interface, as well as anyone who wishes to take advantage the momentum in the industry and become a web developer.

No prior knowledge is assumed. A background in any other programming language is an advantage

HTML Basics

  • Basic HTML structure
  • Essential Tags
  • Containers
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Forms & Form Elements
  • Validate your HTML
  • Editors shortcuts & time saving workflows


  • Overview
  • CSS selectors, old & new
  • The box model
  • Main CSS properties
  • Tricks & eye candies
  • Working with colors
  • Modern layout techniques
  • Working with Fonts
  • Mobile first – Responsive interfaces with Media Queries
  • Animated transitions – make your static interface come to life
  • Advanced CSS topics like Sass, BEM & Flexbox
  • CSS Frameworks – Bootstrap and Material design

JavaScript essentials

  • Overview – Introduction to interactive programming
  • The language building blocks
  • Data Types & Structures
  • Functions & Arrays
  • Control flow – Loops & Conditional statements
  • Scopes & Closures
  • Debugging your applications
  • Json, Ajax &Ffetch
  • Best practices
  • Common 3rd party JavaScript libraries
  • Automation builds techniques
  • Deployment workflows


  • Overview
  • Semantics
  • History API
  • Web Storage
  • Canvas
  • File API
  • New Form elements
  • Videos and Audio tags
  • Drag and Drop
  • Geolocation

GIT Essentials

Git is a version control system which keeps track of your project’s versions. It is a must have skill for every developer on the market today!

  • Git overview
  • Going back in time
  • Remote repositories
  • Collaborating
  • Team workflows

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  • על פי דרישה מועד פתיחה
  • 9:00-16:30daysימים ושעות
  • 40academic hours שעות אקדמיות
  • בסיסיcourse levelרמת הקורס
  • עברית/Englishlanguageשפת הדרכה
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