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כנס מקצועי – Expand the Way you Tableau

31/10/18 | 13:00-16:30 | מיקום: NAYA College, הרצליה | ללא עלות

נאיה טכנולוגיות קיימה כנס מקצועי, שכלל הרצאות מתקדמות, מגוון רחב של דוגמאות מהשטח, חידושים בגרסאות האחרונות, טיפים וטריקים מטובי המומחים של נאיה.

את כנס הובילו מומחים בכירים בנאיה טכנולוגיות המעורבים בפרויקטים מורכבים אצל לקוחותנו הרבים:

  • דובי לילינג, יועץ BI בכיר ו-Tableau Certified Trainer

  • רו”ח גיא דינר, יועץ BI בכיר

  • דן צ’יזיק, מומחה BI, Tableau ו-Data Science

  • עידן עזאני, יועץ BI ו-Data Engineering

מה היה לנו בכנס?

צפו בהקלטות ממגוון ההרצאות:

Tableau for beginers:

Whats New in Tableau 2018:

Frozen in time -what tableau can reveal using the time axis:

WOW! – How to find hidden insights using tableau:


תוכנית הכנס:

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    Tableau for Beginners - הרצאה מקדימה למשתמשים חדשים, גיא דינר

    An introduction to Tableau for newcomers. See how you can connect to data, manipulate it, create some charts, and finish up with an interactive dashboard – within minutes.

    Tableau is the most intuitive and easily learned tool available for visual analysis, but also includes many advanced features for solving complex problems. This introductionary session for new users will highlight some of the most commonly used capabilities: connecting to multiple data sources, creating and designing simple charts, performing powerful calculations, adding advanced analytics, and combining everything into an interactive dashboard.

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    קבלת פנים, רישום והתכנסות

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    What’s New in Tableau 2018, דובי לילינג

    A quick overview of the new and exciting features since Tableau switched to version 2018.x, from step and jump lines to Tableau Prep, Dashboard Extensions, TSM and web authoring improvements.

    Tableau switched to version 2018.1 in April, and since then 2018.2 has been released, 2018.3 is on the way, and a host of new features have been added. Explore Prep, the new ETL tool, and TSM, an improved server management system. Learn about new features in the standard visualizations, such as step and jump lines or density heatmaps, and about new web authoring capabilities for self-service. And look at the first wave of custom Extensions and the functionality they can add to your dashboards.

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    WOW! – How to find hidden insights using Tableau, עידן עזאני

    See how you can use Tableau’s standard features in imaginative ways, to reveal the insights you didn’t know existed in your data using scatter plots, maps, micro charts, tooltips and much more.

    One of the advantages of Tableau is the ability to use simple, standard features in imaginative ways. Learn how you can apply these features to standard views in order to make the information jump out at the user and open his eyes to what’s happening in the business.

    See how flexible Tableau can be once you understand the many ways in which rows, columns, and calculations can interact.

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    Frozen in Time – what Tableau can reveal using the Time axis, דן צ'יזיק

    Find out what happened when, how long it took, and where you were at a given point in time, using simple date manipulations and a little creativity.

    Tableau offers a host of basic functions for date and time analysis, and combined with Level-of-Detail (LOD) expressions, Table Calculations, and Blending, these enable us to easily visualize and discover the hidden information required by the business. Find out how to dynamically compare different periods, display your resource utilization, and calculate inventory over time in several simple steps.

דובי לילינג