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Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals


SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard language for data access and manipulation in relational databases. If you ever want to issue a query or update some rows in a database – you will require some knowledge of SQL. After a short introduction to the basic concepts of relational databases, we will get familiarized with the language, and learn how to construct SQL statements to perform the various tasks required in our day to day work: How to query data in various ways, how to update it and how to create new database objects.

We will learn and practice filtering query data, ordering our results, retrieving data from multiple tables (joins), grouping data, using the Oracle built-in functions and various other capabilities of SQL which enables us to retrieve what we want, how we want it. We will also discuss performance considerations and indexes.

  • Database Administrators
  • Application designers and developers
  • Implementation specialists
  • Data center support engineers

The target audience for this course is all Oracle professionals

Introduction to databases and information systems

  • Basic concepts in relational database design
  • Tables and columns
  • Using constraints

Oracle SQL

  • Retrieving data using the SELECT statement
  • Sorting query results using the ORDER BY clause
  • Restricting and filtering rows using the WHERE clause
  • Using single-row functions to manipulate query output
  • Using group functions to aggregate query output
  • Grouping results using GROUP BY and filtering groups using the HAVING clause
  • Joins – Querying data from multiple tables
  • Using Sub-queries
  • Manipulating data using DML statements (INSERT /UPDATE/DELETE/MERGE)
  • Working with transactions
  • Creating and altering objects using DDL statements (CREATE/ALTER/DROP/TRUNCATE)
  • Using constraints and keys to ensure data integrity
  • Oracle client tools – using Oracle SQL*Plus and SQL Developer
  • Performance considerations
  • Oracle 12c new features
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