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MongoDB for Software Engineers


MongoDB is a leading document database that changes the world developers known so far: no schema constraints, instant object persistency, rapid high availability, amazing performance and scale out support for the cloud generation.

This course provides a developer level introduction along with more advanced and useful features. The course will include hands-on practice with MongoDB and Java, creating a complete system from data design to implementation using Java and integration with BI and dashboard tools.

Note: This course can be adjusted to additional programming languages (except for Java) and other target audiences including DBA and DevOps based on customer request.

Software development managers, CTO, software architects, system architects, data architects and developers.

Software development and database design, experience with Linux and access to a Linux machine.

Module 1: Introduction to NoSQL

  • CAP Theorem
  • What are the main concerns with RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Key-value stores
  • Column Family stores
  • Document DBs
  • Map Reduce

Module 2: Introduction to MongoDB

  • MongoDB product design and architecture
  • MongoDB installation
  • The Mongo Shell
  • Basic Operations
  • Lab: MongoDB installation and basic operations

Module 3: Data Model Design

  • Documents and collections core concepts
  • Data Model migration from rational DB to document store
  • Data model best practices
  • Lab: Data model design for the case

Module 4: CRUD

  • Select
  • Update
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Atomic Transactions
  • Bulk Operations
  • Lab: System implementation based on Java and MongoDB

Module 5: Tuning your code

  • Indexing
  • Query profiling
  • The query optimizer
  • Explain
  • Lab: Profile and tune queries

Module 6: Backup, Security and Monitoring

  • Dump
  • Physical files backup
  • Authentication
  • Server status and system monitoring
  • Lab: Understanding server performance metrics

Module 7: Scale and High Availability

  • Data replication with replica sets
  • Load distribution with sharding
  • Performance best practices: leveraging scale to meet performance needs

Module 8: Advanced Querying and Leveraging Scale

  • The Aggregation Framework
  • Map Reduce
  • Lab: Advanced querying using MongoDB
משה קפלן הוא מומחה בניהול, תכנון, פיתוח, תשתיות, נתונים ואבטחה בפרויקטים מורכבים בתחום ה-Data. הוא מתמחה ביצירת פתרונות טכנולוגיים המתאימים לדרישות העסקיות ולצורכי השוק בעולם המשתנה על בסיס מתודולוגיות Agile. משה קפלן יזם ושותף בבעלות בחברות, BrightAqua ו-RockeTier, וכן שימש כ-R&D Director בחברת Essence Security.
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  • 09:00-16:30daysימים ושעות
  • 24academic hours שעות אקדמיות
  • מתקדםcourse levelרמת הקורס
  • עברית/Englishlanguageשפת הדרכה
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