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Linux Fundamentals for DBA’s


Linux powers 94% of the world’s supercomputers, most of the servers powering the Internet, the majority of financial trades worldwide and a billion Android devices. This instructor-led course will give you a basic working knowledge of Linux, focuses on the fundamental tools and concepts of Linux. Students gain proficiency using the command line. The course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience.

This course is designed for DBA’s who have limited or no experience working in a Linux environment.

User-level experience with any computer system

Linux History

  • Distributions
  • Licensing
  • Installation Overview

First Steps On Linux Command Line

  • Connecting Using Putty
  • Man Pages
  • Working With Directories
  • Working With Files
  • Working With File Contents
  • The Linux File Tree

Shell Expansion

  • Commands And Arguments
  • Control Operators
  • Shell Variables
  • Shell Embedding And Options
  • Shell History Command
  • Shell And Dynamic Filename Generation

Pipes And Commands

  • I/O Redirection
  • Filters
  • Basic Unix / Linux Tools
  • Regular Expressions

Introduction To Editors – vi


  • Scripting Introduction
  • Scripting Loops
  • Scripting Parameters
  • More Scripting

Local User Management

  • Introduction To Users
  • User Management
  • User Passwords
  • User Profiles
  • Groups

File Security

  • Standard File Permissions
  • Advanced File Permissions
  • File Links
  • על פי דרישה מועד פתיחה
  • 9:00-16:30daysימים ושעות
  • 16academic hours שעות אקדמיות
  • בסיסיcourse levelרמת הקורס
  • עברית/Englishlanguageשפת הדרכה
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