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Apache Spark Seminar


Do you fear Big Data?

Do you think Big Data is such a complicated topic that it requires you to master many new concepts, technologies and paradigms?

We have good news for you!

Learning Apache Spark – the open source Big Data processing framework, you can relax and start using your existing development expertise to solve Big Data problems.

  • You may have heard that to code in Spark, you need to be a Scala or Python Ninja?
  • Perhaps a friend told you that the Spark Java API is limited, bulky and inconvenient?
  • Inversion of Control, design patterns, Java frameworks such as Spring, JUnit or Maven/Gradle are not your friends anymore?
  • Are you concernedthat all your previous Java experience is useless in the world of Big Data technologies?

We have even more good news for you!

Writing Spark with Java can be very elegant and very familiar for developers like you, with strong JAVA background.

This talk is custom made for Java developers who want to solve Big Data challenges in the most efficient and simple way, using one of the world’s most advanced and popular Big Data frameworks – Spark!

As part of this talk, we will review Spark’s comprehensive APIs and cover its capabilities. We will also demonstrate that you can do anything you want with Spark and still use the same techniques and knowledge you’ve gained as a Java master.

יבגני בוריסוביבגני הינו מנהל תחום ומוביל טכנולוגי Big Data Development בנאיה טכנולוגיות, מומחה Java ומרצה בכיר בנאיה אקדמי
  • על פי דרישה מועד פתיחה
  • 13:00-16:30daysימים ושעות
  • 4academic hours שעות אקדמיות
  • מתקדםcourse levelרמת הקורס
  • עברית/Englishlanguageשפת הדרכה
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