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Practical and Modern A/B Test Course – Methods for Data Scientists


A/B Test methodology is widely used in commercial Web Pages, Applications, UI Design and scientific experiments. Optimizing the process and answering business-oriented questions can improve the performance of many goal oriented tasks.

A/B Test Course

This course is about learning the concept of A/B Test.

The course will use Jupyter Notebooks with Python / Julia code within the class in real time.

How do you perform an AB test in data science?

Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand concept of A/B Test and learn topics such as:

  • To introduce the 2 main approaches for A/B Test.
  • The multi variants test (A/B/C).
  • The Explore vs. Exploit dilemma and few policies to handle it.
  • Real world tricks for efficient and reliable tests.

The course will use Jupyter Notebooks with Python / Julia code within the class in real time.

  • Data scientists.
  • Software engineers.
  • Algorithms engineers.
  • Basic Python / Julia.
  • Basic Probability / Statistics.
  • A/B Test
    • Definition
    • Key Performance Indicators: Discrete (Sales / Clicks) vs. Continuous (Revenue, Revenue per View / Click)
  • Frequentist A/B Approach
    • The Model
    • The T-Test (Continuous and Discrete)
    • Estimating number of samples
  • Bayesian A/B Approach
    • Bayesian vs. Frequentist
    • Priors for Bayesian Model and Conjugate Priors
    • Discrete Bayesian Model
    • Continuous Bayesian Model
    • Stopping Rules, Confidence Intervals
  • Real World Practices
    • Learning prior
    • Control group
    • Answering business questions by simulations.
    • Online Test
  • Visualizations
  • Introduction to Probabilistic Programming
    • Concept
    • Frameworks
      • Python: PyMC, Pyro
      • Julia: Turing
    • Modeling: Regression, Robust Regression, Best Tennis Player
  • Multi Armed Bandits as Online Multivariate A/B Test
    • Definition of the Problem
    • Intuition and Basic Policies
    • Thomas Sampling
  • Reinforcement Learning approach to Multi Armed Bandits
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