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Tableau Web Explorer for Analysts


This course is for the beginning Tableau user. You’ll learn important Tableau concepts, how to develop and analyze data using the Tableau web interface, and the main techniques for simple and complex visualizations and interactive dashboards.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Log in to Tableau Server and connect to data.
  • Build advanced chart types and visualizations.
  • Build complex calculations to manipulate your data.
  • Understand and use LOD calculations.
  • Use statistical techniques to analyze your data.
  • Use parameters and input controls to give users control over certain values.
  • Combine data sources using data blending.
  • Create dashboards with complex interactions.
  • Save your work on Tableau Server.

Beginning Tableau analysts and power users.

This is a beginner-level class. Students should have some experience with working with data (Excel, databases) and creating charts or tables for analysis.

  • Introduction
  • Working with Tableau Server
    • Logging on
    • Managing content
    • Working with Views
  • Web Authoring Basics
    • Connecting to data
    • Interface development
  • Creating a Report
    • First steps
    • Understanding fields
    • Basic worksheet options
    • Filtering and Sorting
    • Viewing Data
  • Advanced Reports
    • Advanced data objects
    • Calculations
    • Data Blending
    • Advanced Table options
    • Maps
    • Analytics
    • Advanced Formatting
  • Dashboards
    • Creating a Dashboard
    • Adding Objects
    • Sizing and Layout
    • Filters
    • Interactions
דן הינו מומחה BI עם למעלה מ15 שנות נסיון בתחום פיתוח BI ומחסני נתונים. דן מתמחה בטכנולוגיות Microsoft, כולל SQL Server Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting, ו-MDX.
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