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MySQL Performance Tuning


MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, and the leading database for web applications. The majority Strength of MySQL is the ability  to header with huge numbers of transactions simultaneously, while maintaining the integrity of their data.

Naya College provides extensive course about the world’s most popular open source database – MySQL RDBMS. The course will cover the advanced features such as Performance Tuning, High Availability, Scaling and more. This course offers the best practices for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting the server, databases and queries using a range of tools. The students will acquire a skill set and tools to tune and perform advanced elements such as identifying and dealing with bottlenecks, and by the end of the course will effectively optimize the performance of MySQL server, will use the tools for monitoring and tuning.

This course combines a strong and up to date theory knowledge over MySQL RDBMS as well as practical demonstrations and examples from real-world use cases.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand MySQL Architecture
  • Improve And Optimize database performance And Enhance Reliability
  • Perform Installations And Upgrades Tasks Step By Step
  • Practicing In MySQL Development Using SQL Code, Procedures, Built-In and User Defined Functions And Events (Optional)

Get lectures on:

Mysql Performance Tuning Tips and Tricks

Real Time Data Streaming from MySql

  • DevOps
  • Application Developers
  • Architecture Designers
  • Linux Basic Knowledge
  • ANSI SQL Basic Knowledge
  • RDBMS Basic Understanding

History And Introduction

  • Overview
  • Real Examples and Use Cases Of Customers Using MySQL Database

Architecture Overview 

  • Sever
  • Client

Storage Engines

  • Engines Types
  • Engines Characteristics
  • Using Storage Engines For Different Tasks To Achieve Better Performance

Database Management 

  • System Variables
  • Altering Database Variables at Session / Global Level

Identifying Slow Queries

  • The Slow-Query-Log
  • The Process List
  • InnoDB_TRX
  • Using Show Warnings
  • Performance Schema
  • PT Query Digest (Percona)

Optimizing Queries

  • MySQL Performance Tuning Methods
  • Explaining The EXPLAIN
  • MySQL Indexes
  • MySQL Optimizer Hints
  • Working with MySQL Caching Solutions

MySQL Parameter File Best Practices – my.cnf 

  • InnoDB Memory Buffers
  • Log file size And log buffer
  • Memory Consumption
  • Memory Limitations

Table Maintenance

  • Analyze Table
  • Check Table
  • Checksum Table
  • Optimize Table
  • Repair Table
  • Moving Tables Between Schemas / Servers / Tablespaces
  • Implementing Partitions

Locking in MySQL

  • The Locking Mechanism Overview
  • InnoDB ACID And Isolation Levels Locks
  • Table Level Locking
  • Row Level Locking
  • Internal / External Locking
  • Dead Locks
  • Locks Monitoring

Monitoring Database Activity 

  • Information Schema
  • Performance Schema and Workbench
  • Monitoring Solutions Overview

Planning For Schema Change

  • Alter Table Considerations
  • PT Online Schema Change (Percona)

Various Logs In MySQL (Error Monitoring)

  • Error Log
  • Query Log
  • Slow Query Log
  • Binary Log
  • Relay Log
  • General Query Log

Using MySQL Built-In Tools 

  • MySQLAdmin
  • MySQLBinlog
  • MySQLDump
  • MySQLImport
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  • 09:00-16:30daysימים ושעות
  • 16academic hours שעות אקדמיות
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